June 30, 2022

Do you have 3 minutes? Fast & easy access to sovereign data exchange  

In collaboration with IDSA, the company sovity now offers to make data sharing easier and faster: By maintaining IDS-based Connectors, sovity supports data sharing participants with the technical infrastructure.

A company that would like to share data with partners does not need to build the extensive technical knowledge needed to build, integrate, and operate the Connector anymore. The companies can fully focus on the data sharing itself and just use the Connector without taking care of the maintenance or compatibility.  

There are multiple scenarios to share data with a Connector. Two examples: In a marketplace, an organization offers information – for example, a weather channel – so that others can use it under the conditions the data owner defined. These data offerings are potentially available for everybody. In a B2B usage, the sharing parties want to improve and expand existing or new relations with another company (or more than one) by sharing sensitive data in a secure and sovereign way. Here we are talking about existing business relationships. By the Connector technology, they are enabled to share also sensitive information.   

Core challenge to sharing now tackled 

In both cases, a core challenge was that the data sharing still needed quite some technical preparation by the participating companies. The data connector had to be built according to the specific requirements of the organizations. That can be circumvented now!

sovity offers a service that makes data sharing easily accessible – within minutes. The process to build and configure the individual connector takes only 3 to 7 minutes for the company.

Sebastian Kleff, CEO of sovity

This makes it simple to deploy a data connector. And a step-by-step guide explains how the Connector-as-a-Service can be used in a video: sovity Connector demo – Managed service for easy access to data space

Recommendations and guidelines define how to operate data spaces: from single-use policies to policy templates, from contract details to license agreements. The connector protects the data and ensures the usage conditions defined by the data owner are enforced.  

Within the framework of IDS, trust between the different participant in a data space can be organized. This way, sovity provides to all companies access to data sovereignty, enabling them to create new business models, build innovative products or improve existing processes.  The solution of a Connector-as-a-Service turns companies into data sharing front-runners – and brings them into data ecosystems – where the future of data is happening. 

Do you want to learn more about sovity? Visit their website: sovity – The IDS Operating Company

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