Data Spaces Discovery Day

Business value of sovereign data sharing

Vienna | October 19, 2023

Let’s unlock the potential of data spaces and revolutionize your business! At Data Spaces Discovery Day in Vienna, we’ll dive deep into data spaces and explore their crucial business value. Join us to see innovation, collaboration, and growth converge.


  • Discover how data spaces fuel innovation, improve collaboration and drive digital transformation.
  • Get exclusive insights into successful data space implementations and learn first-hand how organizations are leveraging data spaces.
  • Recognize how sovereign data sharing enables new business models, streamline operations, accelerate decisions or facilitate strategic partnerships.
  • Learn from industry visionaries, thought leaders and renowned experts in keynotes and discussions.
  • Expand your network with industry leaders, data space experts and like-minded enthusiasts.


Günther Tschabuschnig

Ute Burkhardt

Welcome address

Florian Tursky

Peter Švec

Benjamin Brake

How data spaces boost digital transformation


Reinhold Achatz



How to use case: From business scenarios to successful data spaces


Lothar Fischmann

Networking | Coffee

Gaia-X 4 Future Mobility: Applications & services for overall mobility

Markus Ketterl

Omega-X: An energy data space to boost the European data economy

Alberto Berreteaga

Datenraum Mobilität: Data space for tomorrow’s mobility

Michael Schäfer

EONA-X: Transforming data into services for mobility, transport and tourism

Aylar Kurbanova

Dominique Epardeau

Tourism Data Space: Intelligent networking of data heralds tourism transformation

Fritz Fahringer

Green Data Hub: Fight climate crisis with data spaces

Kai Kaiser

Catena-X – Open and collaborative data ecosystem for automotive supply chains | Cofinity-X – How it is operated

Ute Burkhardt

Matthias Buchhorn-Roth

Discover the great data space projects of the event supporters

Exhibitor journey


Parallel sessions

Stream 1

Stream 2

NOI Techpark: Data driven Decarbonizing the Brenner Pass

Roberto Cavaliere

European Rail Data Space

Meike van't Hoen

Future Mobility:Virtual development & validation of autonomous driving systems

Markus Ketterl

Tourism Data Space: Use Case Mobility

Christina Hubin

Data driven climate action

Data Intelligence Hub: Share, process, analyze data on own terms while maintaining data sovereignty

Nina Popanton

Philipp Reusch

Green Deal Dataspace: Towards the optimization of circular economy and transparency of supply chains

Reinhold Achatz

champi4.0ns – the wood dataspace: Traceability through sovereign data sharing

Elias Lanbach

Martin Riegler

Pioneering data spaces for agriculture

Marcin Plociennik

Raul Palma

RE4DY: Manufacturing Data Networks

Roland Sommer

Live start of a Data Space: Circular Economy

Stefan Schafranek

Rafael Auer

Philipp Bodzenta


Parallel Sessions

Stream 1 – Functional considerations to take into account when setting up a data space

Stream 2 – Legal & operational aspects to be considered in data space

Data spaces: what is needed, how is it built – IDSA Rulebook as foundation

Julien Adelberger

Peter Koen

Standard for data spaces – IDS Architecture & Dataspace Protocol

Sebastian Steinbuss

How Gaia-X complements to data spaces – Gaia-X labelling & Gaia-X trust anchor

Pierre Gronlier

How open source realizes data spaces – EDC & EDWG

Peter Koen

Trust is key in a data space – IDS Certification

Sonia Jimenez

Sonia Jimenez

Data spaces interoperability: Insights from the field

Sonia Jimenez

Sonia Jimenez

Sonia Jimenez

Victor Mireles-Chavez

European Acts

Norbert Amlacher


Legal framework for data spaces

Söntje Hilberg


iSHARE trust framework for data spaces

Gerard van der Hoeven

Gaia-X in Austria – a specific view

Brigitte Lutz

How to build a community?

Lisa Kolar

Marcos Moschovidis

nexyo: Easy way for SME to implement a data space

Andreas Krimbacher

Natascha Totzler

Even more networking opportunities & room reconfiguration

Use Case Factory | Pitches of innovative data space scenarios

Agile stage session | Call to action: Join Data Spaces now!

Peter Koen

Maria Barrios

Marta Pont Guixa

Andreas Krimbacher

Pierre Gronlier

Sebastian Steinbuss

Gerard van der Hoeven

Get together | Data Party

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