Basque innovation pilot on “Sensing and Remote Monitoring in Marine Renewable Energies” decided to incorporate the IDS data sharing concept

Nov 28, 2019 | News

“Sensing and Remote Monitoring in Marine Renewable Energies”: 

Under this title, the Basque Energy Cluster and the Basque Business Development Agency organized a workshop in Bilbao in November. They strongly involved IDSA CEO Lars Nagel and the Basque organizations Tecnalia and Ikerlan, associated to IDSA and to the Basque Energy Cluster (BEC). The workshops’s objective was to introduce to IDSA an innovation pilot related to data sharing, in the framework of an interregional collaboration scheme in Marine Renewable Energies, which is coordinated by the Basque Government.

The pilot, called Sensing and Remote Monitoring in Marine Renewable Energies, aims to allow data sharing and usage amongst windfarm owners and wind turbine OEMs with wind turbine components and technology suppliers. Cost-effective solutions for marine renewable facilities represent significant market opportunities which can boost a leading European manufacturing industry.

The analysis of data from wind turbine components and systems is a main source of relevant competitive advantages for European manufacturers. IDSA’s value proposition is very well aligned with the aim of the initiative’s innovation pilot. The workshop on “Sensing and Remote Monitoring in Marine Renewable Energies” supposed to be a first step to incorporate the IDS Reference Architecture Model in the development of the technological solution for the innovation pilot. As a consequence of the workshop, the Basque stakeholders proposed to set and coordinate the Energy Community at IDSA.

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