2nd IDSA Winterdays at Atos in Paris

Dec 2, 2019 | News

“Trust in Data Sharing Ecosystems!”

Paris / Dortmund, Dec 2nd, 2019. Linking the innovative, data-driven business models of international companies and organisations, for example in the AI sector, and the IDS concept for data sovereignty and secure data ecosystems with each other – this is the aim of the IDSA Winterdays from Dec 3rd to 5th in Paris. The European endeavour to anchor the IDS standard as a core element in the Europe-wide cloud infrastructure forms the highly topical framework for this.

Top-class speakers will present the IDS as an indispensable element for data ecosystems, present the current status of the GAIA-X cloud project and describe the important relationship between the IDS standard for data sovereignty on the one hand and European values on the other. Furthermore, representatives from French companies and associations explain the high relevance of an international standard for secure data ecosystems for companies in France and for the French AI strategy.

“The IDSA brings together industry and research groups to jointly define an framework for sovereign data exchange; we believe it will become the core of many innovative data-driven eco systems” says Ursula Morgenstern, CEO of Atos, “hosting the first IDSA event outside of Germany, we are proud to support the international expansion of IDSA and welcome everyone who wants to participate in the journey to data sovereignty services.”

“How far the IDS initiative has already advanced, especially where the IDS standard has already been adopted by the market, we will show by means of concrete solutions and applications”, IDSA CEO Lars Nagel describes the interactive part of the Winterdays:

Deutsche Telekom will present the first ‘IDS_ready’ certified product, its Data Intelligence Hub; Orbiter will demonstrate how easy it is to install an IDS Connector, which is particularly important as a data exchange point for maintaining data sovereignty; Nicos will show the professionally implemented data usage control. In use cases, companies such as Ericsson and Stardog, Thyssenkrupp and VW, renowned research institutes such as Cefriel, Certh, Fraunhofer and TNO will illustrate what smart and legally secure business processes look like.

“The Institut Mines-Télécom is extremely pleased about this concentrated exchange of ideas and the deep insights into areas where data sovereignty has already become reality”, says Francis Jutand, Deputy Executive Director of IMT. As co-host of the Winterdays and French IDSA hub, the IMT aims to firmly anchor the IDS architecture in France. “We see enormous potential for data-driven business processes, especially data-intensive applications such as AI. In a lecture, we will therefore place the IDS concept in the context of the French AI strategy”.

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