Data Sharing Festival​

Next level data spaces​

February 6 to 7, 2024 ​| Postillion, The Hague

Welcome to the Data Sharing Festival! We’re here to strengthen our community, share knowledge, start, and intensify collaboration and energize our ongoing journey in data sharing.

This Festival celebrates the intersection of privacy, cybersecurity, and sovereignty in the data world. We aim to recognize achievements, tackle challenges, and shape the future of data spaces with a mix of inspiring keynotes, panels, and many interactive sessions. The Data Sharing Festival will have a dynamic program that focuses on practical solutions and collaboration to scale up market adoption and synergize individual approaches.

Your active participation is crucial in this journey toward data sharing excellence. Our program promises entertaining and enlightening experiences, fostering connections and sparking future collaborations.

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Let’s make this Festival a starting point for impactful work in the world of data!

The Data Sharing Festival is a creative partnership between the Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing & Cloud, TNO, the IDSA, the Basic Data Infrastructure network, the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica as well as the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management and Dutch Topsector ICT.

Key features include:

  • “Show Me the Code”: How to connect living labs and lighthouses like Catena-X, the Basic Data Infrastructure and the Smart Connected Supplier Network? What is the EU-project SIMPL really delivering and how do we use it?
  • Governance & Business Models: Strategies for effective data sharing.
  • Public/Private Collaborations: Fostering ecosystems for data sovereignty: actively contribute to the various dataspace initiatives that are underway.
  • Trust & Security: Pioneering controlled data sharing, extending existing solutions and including innovative concepts like visiting data.
  • Special Focus on Semantics: Addressing specific, technical challenges.

Past Decade: Over the last ten years, significant progress has been made in sovereign data sharing. Efforts have focused on combining data from various sources to tackle societal and business challenges while ensuring data holders maintain control. This led to the concept of a dataspace and the emergence of international initiatives like the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) and Gaia-X. Additionally, the European Commission launched the Data Spaces Support Centre to encourage the development and adoption of dataspaces. The development of sectoral solutions has been started: e.g., the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management launched the BDI: a data sharing scheme for logistics and freight transport, as a stepping stone for the European Mobility Data Space.

Past Year: Recently, the focus has been on vision creation and community building for our global dataspace network. Now, we’re transitioning to implementation and scaling. Local hubs of initiatives like Gaia-X and IDSA, such as the Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing & Cloud (CoE-DSC) in The Netherlands (initiated by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy), play a pivotal role in regional adoption. The CoE-DSC serves as both an IDSA hub and a Gaia-X hub, exemplifying this strategy.

Going Forward: We’ve been actively organizing events to spread the dataspace vision, like the Data Spaces Symposium & Deep Dive Day ’23 in The Hague. For the upcoming year, we’re elevating our efforts with the Data Sharing Festival ’24 in The Hague. The festival is designed to be a practical and collaborative step forward. It will offer opportunities for knowledge sharing, hands-on collaboration, and fostering new connections. This event is a pivotal connection to the Data Spaces Symposium ’24 in Frankfurt, jointly organized with the DSBA and the DSSC.

Postillion Hotel​
Waldorpstraat 15
Den Haag, Netherlands

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