Resilience Data Space (HERAKLION)

Heuristic resilience analyses for municipalities using data space functionalities


The complexity of our world and the associated unpredictability demands to be better prepared. Crises such as climate change require an increased resilience and cross-community cooperation in highly interconnected societies and economies. Municipalities face the challenge of evaluating a growing amount of heterogeneous data from various institutions for data-driven and trustworthy decision support.


Information plays a growingly important role in the management of any critical situation. In the HERAKLION project, Fraunhofer EMI, supported by Fraunhofer ISST and the University of Freiburg, is developing a scalable resilience data space to make crisis preparedness and response data more accessible and usable. The project will open new IDS based use cases



  • The resilience data space ensures secure data sharing because it is based on the IDS Reference Architecture Model.

  • Municipalities will be better prepared for crisis situations through the heuristic resilience analyses using data space functionalities.


  • EDC-Connector using Dataspace Protocol
  • Identity Provider
    • Dynamic Attribute Provisioning Service (DAPS)
    • Dynamic Trust Monitoring (DTM)
    • Participant Information Service (ParIS)
  • Metadata-Broker
  • Appstore
  • Vocabulary Hub