Manufacturing as a Service

Manufacturing as a Service Operation for remote production


A trusted service to execute remote production jobs is needed. A Manufacturing as-a-Service system could be built on the implementation of the latest Asset Administration Shell (AAS) developments and IDS connectors. Such a solution should also facilitate interoperability and scalability.


MONDRAGON Corporation Group, with the support of Mondragon University, IKERLAN and IDEKO Research Center, has developed such a system for the remote execution of production orders. Static and dynamic information of industrial assets is modeled, and the result is stored in an AAS manager. A production orchestrator executes the production orders.



  • The AAS registry allows the selection of assets with capabilities to perform tasks and releases the AAS catalog available in the system. The catalog is shared with external parties via data space connectors to make it easier for third-party companies to launch production jobs remotely.


  • IDS Connector
  • IDS Metadata Broker
  • AAS Manager and Registry System
  • Special Applications (IDS middleware adaptors and Active AAS orchestrator)