I 4.0 data space and app marketplace

IDS-compliant Industry 4.0 data app ecosystem for connected factories & third-party service providers


Factories collect IoT sensor data to optimize production processes using data analytics, AI, and machine learning. This includes predictive maintenance, reducing operational costs, and improving energy efficiency. Often, factories lack the necessary digital skills to implement these techniques internally, leading to the need to share data with external service providers.


The i2CAT Foundation implemented an IDS-compliant data space and marketplace prototype in the Looming Factory project. It securely connects factory machinery to predictive analytics services, offers an IDS App Store for third-party providers, and includes various third-party predictive analytics services for the marketplace proof of concept.



  • The factory connects to third-party data services for process optimization, promoting efficiency and cost reduction.
  • Factories have options from competing solutions, while SMEs can use the AppStore to provide services within an expandable data space.
  • I4.0 data service providers can deploy solutions within an IDS-framework, adapting to future regulations and market dynamics.


  • Dataspace Connector v8.0.0
  • App Store v2.0.0
  • DAPS: the Fraunhofer test certification authority. Specific digital certificates for the pilot were previously requested and issued.