Green Deal Dataspace

Federated ecosystem for resilience and sustainability


The frequency of global crises such as pandemics, wars, and disasters has increased, and building shared solutions using data connections is crucial to mitigate their impact. The Green Deal Dataspace (GDDS) supports risk and crisis management solutions and offers a platform to build projects and services and provides access to existing ones.


The Green Deal Dataspace is a central projection surface for solutions to strengthen resilience and sustainability. It’s a pioneering cross-domain data space that enables participants to showcase their own solutions or explore and discover resources for their projects. The PAIRS and SPELL
platforms are examples of prominent use cases of the GDDS.



  • Through the transparency of the GDDS crises and their effects can be detected earlier.
  • An IDS-based solution is implemented, and first prototypes have been tested in a use case.
  • The data marketplace offers participants access to an extensive compilation of over 2 million open data sets.


  • IDS Broker
  • IDS Connector
  • IDS Clearing House
  • IDS App Provider
  • Advaneos Trusted Data Hub