Green Data Hub: Mobility Transition

Data space accelerating the mobility transition in Austria and beyond


The increase of tourists in some regions with its additional traffic is afflicting the environment and residents of these destinations. Mobility needs to be converted to sustainable transport using renewable energy sources and different forms of individual and public transportation. The number
of visitors to destinations should only be what regions can handle. Through the interconnection of data, the transition to sustainable mobility can be facilitated, and the impacts of increased tourism on the environment and local communities can be more effectively managed


The Mobility Transition Data Space brings together the relevant stakeholders in mobility for
a sustainable transition. Data sharing can improve e-charging infrastructure, traffic management or redistribution of public space according to needs. An integration of data sources is realized
including tourism data, meteorological data, and anonymized location data from a mobile network
provider. A visitor flow analysis is developed to guide visitors.

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By Bjørn Marius von Zernichow



  • The initiative fosters sustainable development, preserving local identities and promoting long-term growth.
  • Efficient traffic management reduces traffic congestion, benefiting the environment, local communities, and the visitors.
  • Curbing excessive tourism impacts helps mitigate ecological damage and supports responsible tourism.


  • Eclipse Data Space Connector
  • nexyo