Data spaces enabled multi-access edge computing


Data spaces have been identified as a solution to open the currently fragmented edge computing environments, to promote data interoperability in a secure manner. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of practical instructions for the merging of data spaces and MEC components to support scenarios in impactful application domains such as autonomous driving and Industry 4.0.


EdgeDS presents a novel approach to integrating mechanisms for sovereign data sharing, into multi-access edge computing (MEC) environments. Its architecture extends the ETSI MEC Architectural Framework with artifacts from the IDS RAM. The approach introduces the IDS-Connector-as-a-service model, extending the ETSI MEC architecture with data space capabilities that are directly instilled into the mechanisms of MEC platforms.



  • This is one of the first concrete architectural specifications for enabling data space features in MEC systems. It allows multi-party and cross-domain sharing of data services.

  • An open-source prototype showcased its functionality and scalability – enabling data space features in MEC systems.


  • IDS Connector
  • MEC Service Management
  • Service Registry
  • MEC Apps