dena-ENDA (Energy Data Space)

Sovereign data sharing to predict energy generation and consumption


The energy system must guarantee supply security for industry and households. To accomplish this while enabling the transition to renewable energy supply, data sharing between the large number of actors is a necessity. This is the only way to ensure grid stability and efficiency.


dena-ENDA is a data space that enables sovereign data sharing to support more flexible and efficient renewable energy systems. With dena-ENDA, it is possible to access energy data from multiple sources in one place and better predict and manage energy production and consumption
in DSO grids. The first use case of the project is Redispatch 3.0, which provides forecasts of energy injection and usage.



  • An energy data space enables informed decision-making by providing real-time and historical data on energy production, consumption, and distribution.
  • By accessing and analyzing comprehensive energy data from various sources, stakeholders can gain valuable insights. This leads to improved energy efficiency, reduced waste, and cost savings


  • IDS Connector
  • IAM Layer
  • Semantic Data Mode