COSMOPlat & Fraunhofer ISST

Intelligent Clothing Detection Within A Washing Machine


The arrival of the digital era, and the consequent rise of smart technology in our daily lives, has altered our expectations for ordinary things. A new definition of home emerges as a result of this process.

When it comes to domestic chores, people typically consider laundry to be one of the biggest energy, time, and money guzzlers in households. Optimizing this reduces costs for consumers and the carbon footprint, as well as it achieves longer lasting garments.

Through innovations in this field washing machine producers can offer additional services to the existing washing machine distribution and create new business opportunities. Besides, it can also increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty as user experience is a new benchmark for corporate success.


Through sensors within washing machines laundry data can be collected, which enables companies to offer their consumers a better utilization of washing machines with additional services. This data is sent to COSMOPlat for optimizing washing programs through ML. The optimized washing programs are sent back to the consumers washing machines to save energy, time, and costs, as well as it reduces the carbon footprint and will lead to longer lasting garments. By collecting consumer data companies get the possibility to gain data insights for product and service innovations. To make this use case concept feasible, IDS technologies need to be implemented, to reach data sovereignty. With the sovereign exchange of data, consumers are willing to share data with companies, as they are in full control over their data and can allow the usage of data only for specific purposes.



  • Increasing the experience of laundry making:

    Reduction of mental and organizational effort

    Save cost, time and energy, environmental awareness

    Longer lasting garments

  • Offer consumers a better utilization of washing machines with additional services
  • Gain data insights for product and service innovations


  • Haier COSMOPlat
  • Fraunhofer ISST

Main Technology/IDS Component

  • COSMOPlat
  • IDS Connector
  • RFID sensor