Let‘s build data spaces!

IDSA Summit 2021

We brought together all the data spaces experts at our IDSA Summit on June 22 & 23. Specialists from technology, legal, business and industry showed what sovereign data spaces look like. And how they can be built right now!

Below you find the speakers and their slides as well as the videos of the sessions so you can review the extensive content that emerged from our IDSA Summit.



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Teaming up for Data Spaces in Europe

Today’s lack of a harmonised approach is still hampering data spaces to thrive, it is time for convergence to support the deployment of strong EU values based ecosystems for souvereign data sharing. Leading European initiatives and organisations announce their collaboration.

Speakers and presenters

Lars Nagel

Ana Garcia Robles

Francesco Bonfiglio

Natalie Bertels

Gianfranco Cecconi

Esther Huyer

Antti Poikola

Toumo Tuikka

Jean-François Cases

Mariane ter Veen

Douwe Lycklama

Herman Pals

Jaana Sinipuro

Ulrich Ahle

Edward Curry

Boris Otto

Video statements


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Opening of the IDSA Summit | IDSA Strategy to Make Data Spaces Happen | Data Sharing Ecosystems

Speakers and presenters

Lars Nagel

Boris Otto


Data Sharing Ecosystems | Boris Otto


Ministers from European governments with video messages sharing their views on IDS | A Technical Viewpoint on Europe’s Data Strategy | GAIA-X – A Federated Data Infrastructure as the Cradle of a Vibrant European Ecosystem | Catena-X – Network for Cross-Company Data Exchange in the Automotive Industry | Datenraum Mobilität | Reflection on Data Ecosystems

Speakers and presenters

Anja Karliczek

Sophie Proust

Francesco Bonfiglio

Oliver Ganser

Hagen Heubach

Maximilian Ahrens

Lars Nagel

Keynotes and slides


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A technical viewpoint on Europes Data Strategy | Sophie Proust

Why GAIA-X? | Francesco Bonfiglio

Catena-X Automotive Network | Hagen Heubach, Oliver Ganser

Data Spaces – a key element for Europes Digitalization | Maximilian Ahrens

How Data Spaces can be Built: The Future of Manufacturing is Made in Data Spaces

Manufacturing is the backbone of the European economy. The IDS-Industrial Community (IDS-I) provides networked manufacturing and production environments that meet the need for a highly flexible and tailored data sharing strategy in the context of GAIA-X. We’ll present selected use cases and bring together the technologies and concepts of the Platform Industrie 4.0 and the IDSA | Metal Domain Data Space | NTT’s Smart Data Platform

Speakers and presenters

Luis Usatorre

Andreas Teuscher

Koki Mitani


Data Sovereignty in Industrial Applications – IDS-I Community | Andreas Teuscher

Realizing low carbon and circular economy by cross border data sharing | Koki Mitani

IDS-based marketplace for industrial equipment in the metal domain | Luis Usatorre

Ethical and Trustworthy Data Governance: the Crucial Role of Rule Books

Data spaces need more than a technical standard to be fully operating and ensure trust. This is why Rule Books and data-ethics guidelines are highly necessary. This session is the chance to know more about the IDSA’s and SITRA’s Rule Books, as well as to have insights on concrete examples on how rule books and ethical guidelines are implemented in the private and public healthcare sector.

Speakers and presenters

Sarah Becker

Juhani Luoma-Kyyny

Marko Turpeinen

Cátia Sousa Pinto

Sebastian Steinbuss

Giulia Giussani

Video and slides

Ethical and trustworthy data governance – The Crucial Role of Rule Books | Sebastian Steinbuss

Why Rulebooks are important | Marko Turpeinen

Fair Data Economy Rulebook | Juhani Luoma-Kyyny

The IDSA Rule Book | Giulia Giussani

The Rulebook for a fair data economy – A tool for a National Health Data Strategy | Cátia Sousa Pinto

Implementation of Data Ethics Guidelines in the Healthcare Sector | Sarah Becker

How Data Spaces can be Built: Evolving Data Spaces in the European Energy Sector

As the whole energy sector is in transition to renewable and decentral energy generation several Data Spaces in pioneering projects are currently evolving across Europe. Researchers and industry will present success use cases, benefits and the current state-of-play in projects. EDF, ENGIE, Engineering, Fraunhofer, Innopay and Tecnalia will be on stage.

Speakers and presenters

Volker Berkhout

Massimo Bertoncini

Martine Gouriet

Jose I. Hormaeche

Erik Maqueda

Philippe Calvez

Pieter Schuurmans

Video and slides

Future of (Energy) Data Sharing | Pieter Schuurmans

Offshore Wind Energy Data Space | Jose Hormaeche, Erik Maqueda

Fraunhofer Research on the Energy Data Space | Volker Berkhout

GAIA-X Energy Data Space | Martine Gouriet

Keynotes & panel discusssion: Cloud Providers and GAIA-X Accelerate Business Through Data Spaces

Cloud providers offer the infrastructure for data spaces. How do they accelerate the development of data spaces based on European values? How do they enable new business? Listen to GAIA-X founding members talking about their collaboration and objectives.

Speakers and presenters

Anne-Sophie Taillandier

Olivier Senot

David Chassan

Yann Lechelle

Alban Schmutz


Live Music

After a full day of packed sessions, animated conversations and lively discussions we have had the band Safe by Sound perform live music for us.

Kai and Felix play music that is somewhere between rock, pop, hip hop and alternative. They use sample loops in the most amazing way to surely entertain their audience. Enjoy them on one of the music platforms!


Organizing Data Spaces in the Upcoming Decade  | Celebration Collaborations & Competence Centers

Speakers and presenters

Douwe Lycklama

André Nemat

Ulrich Ahle

Gerard van der Hoeven

Alexandra Garatzogianni

Kosmas Alexopoulos

Alberto Berreteaga

Thorsten Hülsmann

Lars Nagel

Video and slides

Design Principles for Data Spaces | Douwe Lycklama

FIWARE accelerating Data Spaces via Open Source and Open Standards | Ulrich Ahle

iSHARE Trust Network Empowering Data Sovereignty in Data Spaces Internationally | Gerard van der Hoeven

German IDSA Competence Center Leibniz University Hannover | Alexandra Garatzogianni

Spanish IDSA Compentence Center Fundacion TECNALIA Research & Innovation | Alberto Berreteaga

Greek IDSA Competence Center LMS – Laboratory for Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing | Kosmas Alexopoulos

How Certification enables Trust in Data Spaces | Part I

How to prepare for certification | Certification body | Testbeds from Fraunhofer, nicos, SICK & SQS

Speakers and Presenters

Andreas Teuscher

Jörg Langkau

Begoña Laibarra

Monika Huber

Sonia Jimenez

Natalia Simon

Video and slides

Data Spaces Have to be Built on Trust | Sonia Jimenez, Natalia Simon

IDS Testbed – Industrial Test Center | Andreas Teuscher

Machine-Readable Certification Criteria Catalog for IDS Components and nicos.testbed.IDS | Joerg Langkau

How Data Spaces can be Built: The Netherlands AI Coalition – Towards a Federation of AI Data Spaces

Large-scale AI deployment requires an adequate infrastructure for sharing data, both between and across sectors. As data is considered a valuable and potentially sensitive asset organizations require control and sovereignty on who may use their data, for what purposes and under what conditions. Based on an assessment of data sharing alternatives, NL AIC is currently developing an IDS-based federated data space approach for AI. In this session we describe the approach taken by the NL AIC initiative, provide a demonstration of the potential of IDS for distributed federated learning and address the main challenges to tackle.

Speakers and Presenters

Harrie Bastiaansen

Marten Kollenstart

Simon Dalmolen

Video and slides

Towards a Federation of AI Data Spaces | Harrie Bastiaansen, Simon Dalmolen

How Certification enables Trust in Data Spaces | Part II

IDS_ready & IDS_certified | Examples from Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer, German Edge Cloud

Speakers and Presenters

Gerd Brost

Bernd Fondermann

Sebastian Bader

Nadja Menz

Filip-Martin Brinkmann

Sven Löffler

Sonia Jimenez

Natalia Simon

Video and slides

Data Spaces Have to be Built on Trust II | Sonia Jimenez, Natalia Simon

Trust through Certification | Nadja Menz

IDS Metadata Broker – Road to Certification | Sebastian Bader

IDS_ready Applications and components | Filip-Martin Brinkmann

Deutsche Telekom Data Intelligence Hub | Sven Löffler

Start-Ups Create Future Solutions for Data Spaces

The topic of establishing a level playing field for data sharing is getting a growing attention in Europe. But what is the contribution of start-ups? Which challenges do they anticipate?

Speakers and Presenters

Nadia Scandelli

Thorsten Reitz

Thomas Plank

Sylvain Le Bon

Marcus Schmitt

Video and slides

Startinblox – Building a better web | Sylvain Le Bon

wetransform – Solutions for Sustainable Data Ecosystems | Thorsten Reitz

Tributech – Future of data spaces – trusted data sharing | Thomas Plank

Open Source Helps Data Spaces Sprout Everywhere

An overview of IDS Open Source components and portfolio of building blocks. In this session, we will present the preliminary work of the IDSA Open Source Task Force and existing reference implementations.

Speakers and Presenters

Gabriele de Luca

Angelo Marguglio

Sebastian Steinbuss

Anil Turkmayali

Julia Pampus

Jim Marino

Video and slides

Open Source Helps Data Spaces Sprout Everywhere | Anil Turkmayali

True Connector – Lowering barriers with OSS | Angelo Margulio

Eclipse Dataspace Connector | Julia Pampus

How Data Spaces can be Built: Unlock the true value of data in automotive and mobility industries

Automotive and the mobility of people and freight are considered the backbone of the global economy. With examples from automotive, railway but also from supply chain as a high impact success factor, we are going to show how interoperable and extensible data ecosystems can unlock the true value of data in these traditional industries.

Speakers and Presenters

John Blankendaal

Nihar Patel

Fabian Keller

Ute Burkhardt

Meike van't Hoen

Constantin Scheuermann

Video and slides

From IDS pilot application to the Industrial Cloud – How IDS meets our vision | Fabian Keller, Ute Burkhardt, Nihar Patel

Kick-starting a Rail Data Space along End2End Data Journeys | Meike van’t Hoen, Constantin Scheuermann


Accelerating the Data Spaces Adoption Curve

The IDSA want to accelerate adoption, and help speed organizations of all sizes along the path to embrace IDS so they can enter into the future of the data economy as soon as possible. In this session we are going to discuss the methodology and assets our adoption community uses for supporting uses cases of all maturity levels to move towards data sovereignty.

Speakers and Presenters

Markos Matsas

Christoph Mertens

Pieter Schuurmans

Babak Jahromi

Video and slides

How to implement Data Spaces | Pieter Schuurmans

Eclipse Data Space Connector | Babak Jahromi, Stefan Ettl

Next Generation Usage Control as Key Enabler for the Data Economy

The concept of Usage Control will be evaluated by legal and technical perspectives. How usage control technologies enhance and facilitate data economy will be discussed, where a demonstration of Legal Testbed will also be part of this session.

Speakers and Presenters

Tilman Dralle

Philip Kempermann

Andrea Panzer-Heemeier

Alberto Berreteaga

Sebastian Steinbuss

Anil Turkmayali

Maximilian Lindner

Martin Böhmer

Videos and slides

Next Generation Usage Control as Key Enabler for the Data Economy | Alberto Berreteaga

Usage Control and GDPR – How effective usage control technologies could facilitate data transfers | Tilman Dralle

Protecting non-personal data with Usage Control | Philip Kempermann

Data Usage Control and Digital Ethics | Andrea Panzer-Heemeier

How to share data – Key Findings of a Use Case Study | Maximilian Lindner

Towards the automation of contractual processes. Insights from the Industry 4.0 Legal Testbed | Martin Böhmer

How IDS Implementation Partners Help Elevate Use Case to Data Spaces

The community of experts supporting the shaping of uses cases is an integral part of IDS adoption. This session will present the different types of impelementation partners and the business and technical support they can provide in the journey of creating IDS-based data sharing use cases.

Speakers and Presenters

Markus Ketterl

Markos Matsas

Christoph Mertens

Oscar Lazaro

Heiko Janssen

Constantin Scheuermann

Ralf Neubauer

Video and slides

Implementation Partners – Scaling up through IDS Community | Markos Matsas

Establish Data-Ecosystems – Hands-on 5D model | Constantin Scheuermann

Innovalia | Oscar Lazaro, Sandra Oliveras

Unity and Hypertegrity – Business and Technical Implementation Partner | Heiko Janssen

How Data Spaces can be Built: Make Cross-Industry Data Spaces Happen

On the basis of two use cases from the industry and the smart city sectors VTT, Vastuu and Fastems illustrate how IDS technology could make the convergence towards cross-industry data spaces possible. After the presentations we would like to further explore the benefits of cross-sectoral data spaces together with the audience.

Speakers and Presenters

Tuomo Tuikka

Mikko Sierla

Markus Taumberger

Janne Kivinen

Ilkka Niskanen

Video and slides

Make cross-industry data spaces happen | Tuomo Tuikka

Convergence towards cross-industry data spaces | Markus Taumberger

Utilizing IDS with flexible factory automation | Janne Kivinen

Delivering Trust | Mikko Sierla

How Data Spaces can be Built: Next Mobility & Next Smart City

Digitization has a high potential to optimize mobility which is to a large extent happening in cities and regions. How Smart Mobility and Smart City will be realized based on GAIA-X followed by two use cases from Hamburg and Kiel.

Speakers and Presenters

Chris Langdon

Ulrich Ahle

Benjamin Ditel

Johannes Eckert

Video and slides

Next Mobility and Next Smart City | Chris Langdon, Ulrich Ahle

RealLabHH – A living lab for the digital mobility of the future | Johannes Eckert

Digital Twin Mobility Stations Kiel Region | Benjamin Ditel

Presentations & panel discussion: Mobility Cases & Mobility Data Space

Mobility is one of the 9 core domains in the European data strategy. The mobility data space project is creating the basis for a successful data economy in that area by bringing together large stakeholders of the mobility domain and building the required IT infrastructure.

Speakers and Presenters

Reinhold Achatz

Karl-Heinz Streibich

Tim Wiegels

Chris Langdon

Video and slides

Mobility Data Space | Reinhold Achatz

Mobility Data Space for Europe | Karl-Heinz Streibich

Datenraum Mobilität – IDS Mobility Community | Chris Schlueter Langdon

IDS as Catalyst in Projects, Projects as Catalysts for Data Spaces

Research projects IDS is involved in | Most remarkable data space projects considered from 3 perspectives: achievements, technology, scaling up potential | Highlighting synergies

Speakers and Presenters

Max Lemke

Sergio Gusmeroli

Chiara Napione

Martin Serrano

Benjamin Heitmann

Juanjo Hierro

Video and slides

IDS as Catalyst in Projects, Projects as Catalysts for Data Spaces | Sergio Gusmeroli

Data Spaces – a European Dimension | Max Lemke

Musketeer – Manufacturing use case | Chiara Napione

i3MARKET | Martin Serrano

TRUSTS Technical Overview | Benjamin Heitmann

i4Trust – Making Data Spaces happen | Juanjo Hierro

Data Spaces in 2022, 2023, 2024…

Let’s meet again | Farewell message


Lars Nagel