IDSA Horizons – IDS is ready to go!

IDSA looks back on five years of paving the way for a sovereign data economy in Europe and globally. Now, IDS is ready to use.

IDSA has defined a reference architecture and a formal standard for creating and operating virtual data spaces. The IDS Architecture ensures data sovereignty for data owners making data available for being exchanged and shared.

What is so special now?

We make the IDS Connector for business transactions in data ecosystems available; we define the governance rules for these transactions; we certify the participants of these transactions. With these three pillars, IDS is the basis for innovative business models and data ecosystems. It establishes the right to data sovereignty in the digital age.

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What is so special now – in detail:


Participants and components of IDS-based data ecosystems must provide a high degree of trust and security regarding the integrity, confidentiality and availability of data. Using certified components and employing certified technical and organizational security measures is mandatory for participating in the IDS. The IDS Certification Scheme defines security levels for components and the requirements to be implemented. Five evaluation facilities are ready to award the IDS_certified label.

Rule Book

IDS is a technological standard and a legal framework to create data ecosystems. Key requirement to make this a reality is to have a set of rules and policies governing it in a decentralized way. These rules and policies are contained in the IDS Rule Book. It describes the technical, operational, and legal agreements to enable the IDS ecosystem to be fully working in a real-world scenario.

Launching Coalition

The IDS Launching Coalition is a group of IDSA member companies. They intensified their engagement to have use cases running and their solutions certified till November 2020. This is a crucial step to establish the first commercial IDS ecosystems which are based on trust and data sovereignty. Going live with commercial IDS-based solutions will enable data providers from different domains to monetize their data treasures and stay the sovereign of their data.

Design Principles for European Data Spaces

The European Data Strategy creates a vision of data spaces governed by rules that are derived directly from fundamental European values. IDS is an indispensable element of European data spaces – a blueprint for all kinds of data sharing ecosystems and marketplaces based on data sovereignty. IDSA contributes technology and provides data infrastructure services to the operation of the European data spaces as well as advisory to the European Data Act and a network to support knowledge sharing.

Central element für Gaia-X

The IDS Reference Architecture on data sovereignty will be a central element of the GAIA‑X architecture. As a basis for an open ecosystem, it enables providers and consumers of data to connect in a secure, interoperable and sovereign way. Combined with highly available storage and efficient processing of data GAIA‑X has the potential to create a secure and trustworthy data infrastructure based on European values.

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