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October 1, 2024

3rd Workshop on Semantic Interoperability in Data Spaces

Join us for a 1-day workshop to explore different approaches to achieving semantic interoperability within and between data spaces. We will also discuss concrete methods for specific domains.

This workshop will discuss different approaches for semantic interoperability in and between data spaces (e.g. ontologies and controlled vocabularies, SHACL shapes, JSON schemas, etc…) and raise awareness for and discuss cross-domain (semantic) interoperability concepts (e.g. methodologies, vocabularies) as well as bridge the gap between such concepts, overall and particular in regards to standardisation.

The workshop is perfect for you if you are a researcher, decision maker or practitioner, you’re working on the development and operation of European data spaces, data markets and other web-based data management systems, you know about a data sharing, trading and data collaboration – and you want to discuss requirements, standards, tools, licenses or even more regarding (semantic) interoperability in data spaces.

For the agenda and the registration: semantic.internationaldataspaces.org/workshop-2024

By the way, you can take part in the workshop in a particularly relaxed manner, as it takes place in Budapest exactly before the European Big Data Value Forum 2024.


Date(s): October 1, 2024
All Day Europe/Budapest

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