Essential Services

Making IDS work

Data spaces need certain services and functions, built into and around them, in order to enable trusted, sovereign data exchange among certified, co-equal partners. Planning and developing these is a key element of IDSA’s strategy.

The IDSA has defined some key services

The “surround” of services around IDS includes such obvious needs as having the ability to certify participants and components.

What is it?
Certification body
Governance body empowered to grant IDSA certification for components and participants
Certification authority

Authority that is in charge of the certification to make sure that only compliant organizations are granted access to the trusted business ecosystem

Dynamic provisioning service
Management of certifications and metadata for all components and participants

Participant information service

Registry of certified participants that is accessible to all participants
Dynamic trust management
Governance body empowered to enforce basic security rules of IDS as a whole
IDS brokers
IDS connectors will register descriptions of data endpoints with IDS brokers. This allows data consumers to find the data they need
App store

Outlets providing data apps that can be deployed in IDS Connectors to execute tasks like transformation, aggregation or analytics on the data. Provided by IDSA members, certified under IDS standards.

Vocabulary provider
Offer ‘vocabularies” such as ontologies, reference data models and metadata elements, which can be used to annotate and describe datasets.
Clearing houses
These intermediaries will provide clearing and settlement services for financial and data exchange transactions in the IDS.

The way forward

It will be up to the market to develop and create business structures for a number of these roles. The IDSA is a non-profit association whose task is to define requirements and standards; and foster data ecosystems based on IDS.

We are actively engaged with our members in the process of planning and developing our strategy for how these roles will be fulfilled.



The IDS-RAM 3.0 is available for download now

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