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IDS Certification Award candidates: TNO – “You can’t rely on assumptions”

IDSA has selected six candidates to apply for the certification of their connector, each of them will be featured in a blog. Today we introduce TNO, our second candidate for IDS Certification. Maarten Kollenstart, who is part of the Data Ecosystems department at TNO in the Netherlands, described their involvement in data spaces, their data connector and why IDS is crucial for them.

Candidates for IDS Certification Award selected

Very good news – six candidates for the IDS Certification Award have been selected by the IDSA. The chosen ones are Deutsche Telekom, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Tech2b, TNO, VTT, and WeTech. Now each will start their individual Concept Review Certification for IDS Connectors.

“Right now, we start a new era!”

Javier Bores is the newly elected co-chair of the Working Group Certification. He is also the head of the cybersecurity lab at the Spanish company Software Quality Systems (SQS), the first approved IDS Evaluation Facility for components, where he has been a verification and evaluation scientist since 2010. We sat down with him to hear about the path to trusted data sharing and certification.

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